Women’s bride advertisements 100 years ago?

Women’s bride advertisements 100 years ago?

If you count the first known official marriage announcement, I think its date 1695 year, United Kingdom. English country gentleman did not hesitate in business newspaper to give a short message about his intentions to find a wife. Editor groped possible benefits, respectable squires were not angry. If you believe in that date, European marriage advertisements are already 315 years old. It’s in periodicals. And how many of them were passed orally, or in other ways … However relevance only increases with time.Free ads

"I am missing, I desire", "I am looking for, suffering …". No, it wasn’t exactly like this. Although there were enough subtle sophistications, and dizzy invitations, and quite lyrical poems.

In Russia “Wedding Gazette” is published at the beginning of the 20th century. But with the deployment of murderous the World War I personal life became not so important. Precisely, there were a lot of more important topics. If all advertisements would group, which managed to get the eternal newspaper strips, the amusing picture would be obtained.

Everybody write today: “Oh, how it is difficult in this age to find matching pair for yourself! And there is no time, and employment is very high, you have to go back to home from the work in pick time, at home just minute to breath its own air, hastily (or convincing) to eat, than bath, cozy (really) sofa, a film looking by one eye, housework, phone calls. Indeed, there is no time, it is difficult and simply it is not possible. “This is truth, the problem exists. But let’s look back to the past. At the small sociological study of Russian advertisements of the beginning of XX century.

It is good, if parents made efforts to find a decent groom or bride among their estate. Or an unmarried aunt took care. Or brother has invited his friend as a guest. So, maybe at the reception or at the ball, but all this is so uncertain anyway a heart is languishing. Opinion about match-makers is not uniform. Often they are desirable even with existence of marriage advertisements, especially matchmakers with access to “rich houses”. But it is possible suddenly to meet sharp phrase: “blackmailing matchmakers please do not interrupt”.

It is interesting where an unemployed woman could go searching for the date 100-200 years ago? It seems the problem was no less urgent in spite of such a terrible demographic outburst of today’s. The first all Russian population census was conducted in 1897 and showed that the number of women exceeds the number of men by 1.1%. But in some provinces: 999 women per 1000 men! Further it remains only to start crying. That is why there are so amazingly many advertisements of men’s “About the main thing”.